Today’s skin toners are meant to nourish and replenish the skin after cleansing. A toner preps your skin for the remainder of your skincare products. Hydrating, calming and soothing toners can generally be used twice a day and can be a real game changer in your daily routine. Here are a few benefits of adding toner to your skincare routine:

  1. Shrinks pores: Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores. Applying toner helps to remove the oxidized build-up and, in doing so, reduce the pores’ apparent size.
  2. Restore your skin’s pH balance: Our skin is naturally acidic (typically between 5 and 6) but due to the alkaline nature of soap, the balance can get out of whack after cleansing. Using a toner after cleansing restores your natural pH level faster, which helps prevent your skin from working overtime and over producing oil.
  3. Adds a layer of protection: After cleansing, toners help close your pores and tighten cell gaps. This helps in reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It also helps to protect and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap water.
  4. Acts like a moisturizer: Toners can aid in binding moisture to your skin.
  5. Refreshes your skin: Use toner when your skin is oily or dirty and you can’t wash. This will revitalize your skin when you are on the go!

A good, quality toner hydrates the skin as well as removes dirt and dead skin cells. It will restore your skin’s pH level, unclog pores and gets rid of any remaining dirt, oils and impurities remaining after using your facial cleanser. Using a toner takes everything away and preps your skin for moisturizer and make-up or any other skin care you will be using. Make time to take care of and nourish your skin!

Nash l Jones Willow Toner

Nash & Jones Willow Toner is an excellent toner and is good for all skin types. It uses White Willow Bark, Aloe and Bilberry Fruit to balance & tone all skin types. Nash l Jones’ Willow Toner will help the skin by balancing the pH, minimizing the look of pores, and removing residuals missed during cleansing plus prepare the skin to receive serums and moisturizers. Willow Bark extract is packed with skin-enhancing vitamins and minerals. It contains Salicin (where salicylic acid comes from), this dynamic ingredient is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory, amazing for clearing up acne and soothing irritation. It’s also a natural exfoliant, making easy work of blocked pores, penetrating them and obliterating the gluey mix of sebum and dead skin cells.