Hori-Hori Knife – A multi-purpose knife featuring both straight and serrated edges. The blade is usually concave for digging. Hori in Japanese means “to dig”. This knife is excellent for digging up plants, weeds, planting bulbs and flowers, removing rocks, cutting through roots and limbs and so much more. This knife isn’t just for gardeners. This is also a great knife for hunting and camping.

Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 7.25" Blade, Wood Handle

We love the the Nisaku Hori-Hori weeding knife. Made in Japan with the finest stainless steel (Tomita Steel). The blade is rust and scratch resistant, washes easily and stays razor sharp.

Grandpas Weeder – This invaluable tool dates back to 1913. Save your back pulling weeds with this tried and true weed puller that allows you to pull weeds without bending, pulling or kneeling. This is easy to use and saves you the effort. Simply stick the weeder into the ground, lean the handle, pushing the lever towards the ground, and then pull. Made with long-lasting bamboo handle and heavy duty steel head. Comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Great way for removing weeds without the use of pesticides.

Garden Debris Bag – You will want somewhere to throw your weeds while working. Any bag or container would work but one specifically designed with the Gardner in mind is convenient. Martha Stewart’s garden bag is great for weeds, leaves, and other yard debris. It has a wide mouth opening for easy filling, semi-rigid pop-up design that folds flat for easy storage. This bag is great to collecting debris as you work and then simply empty it into your backyard compost pile.

Preemergent Herbicide – Stop weeds before they start! Help prevent seasonal weeds with a preemergence herbicide in the spring and fall. Applying a preemergence in the early spring before growth will help keep summer weeds under control. Likewise, applying a preemergence in the fall will help reduce winter weeds. These herbicides are deigned to interfere with the weed seedling germination and therefore help prevent the weeds from ever emerging. *ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LABEL. Consider all parts of the label including recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as appropriate application rates and timing.