Making informed choices by knowing the ingredients in products is key. As the say, “knowing is half the battle…” There are lots of marketing campaigns and they use words like “Natural” and “organic” interchangeably. The word “natural” isn’t regulated and can be misleading. Understanding the toxicity (or lack of) can be overwhelming when choosing a product. Whether looking for food, make-up, skin care, hair care, cleaning products, etc., there are apps available to help you navigate through ingredients. They are easy to use, giving you rating of how good or bad a product is. The following are a few of our favorites (not ranked in any certain order):


The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to “empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment”. They created their app to help consumers make healthier, sustainable product choices. Consumers scan a specific product’s barcode for ingredient information and ratings or browse through their list of products. The group uses an “EWG Verified” mark that lets consumers known a product is free from EWG’s chemical concerns. EWG also has a very informative website for healthy living.

Think Dirty App

Think Dirty offers comprehensive detail about what’s in your personal care products. Information is delivered so consumers can easily process and understand the product and its ingredients. Once a product is scanned, the app gives a ranking on its “Dirty Meter” and reports on the ingredients. Suggestions for cleaner alternatives is given by the app.

DetoxMe App

DetoxMe app also uses research to help reduce consumer’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in household products and beauty items. The app allows you to track your progress in eliminating toxic products and offers recommendations for safer alternatives. Those confusing ingredient labels are also broken down for consumers to better understand.