Hakuhodo is considered the most prestigious brush maker in the world. Their artisan designs are handmade in Kumano, Japan with the finest materials sourced from cruelty free suppliers. Each brush is made by a team of craftsman with decades of experience who have honed their skills to create the ultimate makeup tool.

A quality makeup brush is key to a natural, no-makeup look. Here are 7 must have brushes every makeup bag needs, whether you are a beginner to professional.

Foundation Brush: Hakuhodo Duo Fiber Powder & Liquid, Round & Flat (J544BkSL)

This foundation brush is Ideal for all types of products – liquid/cream based makeup and even powder. Designed to help you easily control how sheer or heavy you want your makeup coverage.

Hakuhodo Foundation Brush

Blush Brush: Hakuhodo Blush Brush, Round (J210BkSL)

This roundish brush head provides a smoother and more even application of makeup. It creates great color and holds powder, helping to achieve an ideal finish.

Hakuhodo Blush Brush

Eyelid Brush (crease): Hakuhodo Eyeshadow Brush, – Round & Flat (B5511BkSL)

This brush is resilient and durable. It has relatively short length hairs offer easy control so you can easily achieve your desired finish. It is ideal for applying color in the crease of your eyes and is excellent for gel liners.

Hakuhodo Eyelid Brush (crease)

Eyelid Brush (upper eyelid): Hakuhodo Eye Shadow Brush, Round & Flat (J004BkSL)

One of Hakuhodo’s most standard eye shadow brushes from makeup beginners to professionals. This brush is recommended for the upper eyelid area for providing a natural finished look with soft texture.

Hakuhodo Eyelid Brush (upper)

Eyelid Brush (contour and blending): Hakuhodo Eye Shadow Brush, Round & Angled (I5607NBkSL)

This brush enables you to achieve natural and sheer coverage. The distinctive round and angled shape has been designed to fit into the contours of the eyelid. Gently swipe from left to right over the lid to easily blend color.

Hakuhodo Eyelid Brush (contour)

Lip Brush: Hakuhodo Lip Brush, Flat (I-523N6BkSL)

Made of 100% nylon, this lip brush has great spring compared to polyester brushes. It is great at picking up product. The wide brush head makes it easy to apply product to the entire lip area with just a few swipes.

Hakuhodo Lip Brush

Highlighting & Blending Brush: Hakuhodo Highlighter Brush (J528BkSL)

This brush has densely packet bristles are very soft on your skin, and offer moderate to full coverage. This brush is also ideal for blending colors naturally and beautifully.

Hakuhodo Blending Brush