What do you do with your items while running? Where do you stash your phone while at the gym when pockets aren’t available? We want to stay connected but need a safe, out of the way place, to stash our personal belongings. These personal item pouches are not only great for exercising, but also, biking, hiking or even while on vacation at amusement parks. Here are a few of our tops picks for stashing your items while out and about:


This belt is awesome at carrying all your items. It is a single tubular belt with 4 stretchable zipper openings that allow you to slide your phone, keys, ID, or money easily inside. There is also an inside strap to hold your key or an extra hair tie in place. The belt flips over so the pouch openings are sitting securely against your body. The belt is best used with flat items so it lays snug against your body and out of the way. It hides easily against your waistline and can be hidden nicely under a shirt.


The Original SPIbelt makes “running with the essentials effortless”. The pocket expands up to 6.5 x 3 x 2 inches. The belt is easily adjustable with a buckle closure to fit snug on your body. This belt can securely hold wallets, keys, cash, credit cards and even medical supplies like an epi-pen.

Tribe Arm Band

Tribe’s premium smartphone armband is a great tech accessory option for your active lifestyle. Keep your phone handy while protecting against sweat and the elements thanks to 100% lycra construction and the industry’s best touchscreen responsiveness. This arm band also comes with a slot for your keys and cards. Universal sizes available for smaller phones and larger phones.

Sherlix Water Bottle Pouch

We love this one especially for the gym! How many times have you been at the gym needing to stash your phone somewhere while pumping weights? This handy pouch secures nicely to your water bottle and can hold your phone, ID and keys if needed. Has two size options, one for large mouth bottles (hydro flask, Yeti, etc.) or one for small water bottles (18oz to 240z).

Each of these personal item pouches are great storage tools for running, hiking, yoga, working out at the gym, amusement parks, or any other time you need to carry items and keep your hands free.