Looking for the best hair-dryer to get that flawless salon finish? With so many hair types, it can be difficult to find the right tool. Do you have thick hair or thin? Are your locks tightly curled or loose or is your hair frizzy? Is time your biggest concern? With so many things to consider, it can be overwhelming finding the best hair dryer to meet your needs. Not all hair dryers are equal and quality is essential! Let’s dive in to hair types and the best gear to get that salon finish at home.


Investing in a high quality, powerful hair dryer is a must with thick hair. First, look for wattage. For thick hair, you want power to dry fast so your hair is not under high heat for prolonged periods. Ideal wattage should be between 1800 – 2000. If your blow dryer doesn’t have enough power it will mean less wind and more heat that will cause damage. Second, go for Ionic and Tourmaline hair-dryers. Ionic hair dryers shoot negative ions that break up the positively charged water in your hair. Ionic hair dryers are better at breaking up the water in your hair giving a faster drying time and preventing frizz. Tourmaline hair dryers are a next step. They are ionic dryers which have their inside motor parts made of or coated in Tourmaline. This gives even more ionic negative charges to break up water faster. Tourmaline will increase the price of your hair dryer accordingly but is something to consider when looking for a quality dryer.


Curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair. Because of the textured curls, it’s more difficult for the scalp’s natural oils to travel down the hair. The best hair dryers for curly hair utilize infrared heat with multiple heat settings, negative ion technology and tourmaline boosted ceramic for added protection. The goal is to promote hydration while giving healthy bouncy curls. And don’t forget the attachments. For bouncy curls, using a good diffuser to spread low heat around a broad area is beneficial over concentrating high heat in one area. If your goal is to straighten your curls or give a softer waved look, consider using a air concentrator. Everyone can benefit from a good hair dryer attachments!


The more negative ions the better! Quickly breaking up positive charged water molecules before they soak into your hair is key. Look for a hair-dryer with the most ionic technology. Concentrators are also helpful with getting rid of frizz.


Needing an extra boost of volume? Go non-ionic when wanting more volume for flat or oily hair. While ionic controls frizz and gives more of a sleek look, this can make fine hair too flat. We recommend looking for hair dryers that allow ionic settings to be turned on and off. Turning the ionic setting off can allow you more control when wanting more texture. Wattage with fine hair is also important to watch. Hair dryers that are too aggressive for fine hair can cause breakage and damage. Capping wattage to about 1875 is the best option for fine hair. Ceramic or porcelain hair-dryers emit a non-damaging infrared heat which is a must for fine hair. The dryers’ inside parts are coated (or replaced) with ceramic or porcelain which gives an even heat, allowing more of a gentle blow dry. These dryers will also emit a low amount of negative ions to help with frizz and drying time. Infrared means the dryer uses longer wavelengths to penetrate the hair, drying from the inside out. Although this is important for fine hair, any hair type can benefit. Know however, ceramic and porcelain dryers are typically heavier and can give your arms a workout, especially if you have a lot of hair.


  • Cold Button: Cool air seals your cuticle which boosts shine. Look for a cold button switch as it can get annoying holding down a button.
  • Adjustable heat: This is especially important for fine hair that dries fast. Too much heat will damage thin, fine hair.
  • Accessories: Remember, diffusers for bouncy curls and concentrators for straightening and de-frizzing.
  • Prodcuts: There are many products for hair including heat protection, volume, de-frizzing, extra curls, straightening, etc. Be careful not to use too much product and weigh your hair down. (see hair prodcuts)

There are tons of professional and quality home hair-dryers on the market. Remember, quality is essential and investing in a top-quality hair-dryer will pay off in healthier hair and give you a dryer that will last longer. That is worth the investment!


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